Man pages for dalejbarr/RR53
Reanalysis of "A functional genomic perspective on well-being"

downloadRR53DataDownload the data from PNAS and save it locally as a file
generateVCMatrixGenerate variance-covariance matrix for gene expression data
getGeneResidsCompute the residual gene expression values
meanAbsCorCompute the mean absolute correlation for a correlation...
oneSampTestPerform a one sample t-test on the beta values
readDataRead in the data from Fredrickson et al.
readTidyDataRead in and tidy the data from Fredrickson et al.
rr53Run 53 repeated regressions as in Fredrickson et al.
rr53ResidsRun the RR53 analysis on the gene expression residuals
runLMFit a linear model to expression data for a single gene
shuffleAndRecomputeMACCompute MAC after randomly shuffling columns
shuffleSubjectsShuffle subject identifiers
simulateGeneDataGenerate simulated gene expresion data
simulatePsychometricDataRandomly generate psychometric/demographic data
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