Man pages for dalejbarr/assessr

add_feedbackAdd feedback to end of code block
all_col_vals_uniqueAre all column values unique?
apply_blacklistCheck for blacklisted functions
assessAssess a submission
assess_allAssess all files in a directory
assessment_codeCreate an assessment code file
assess_taskAssess individual task
attemptedCheck whether any attempt was made to answer the question
browse_assessmentBrowse assessment
browse_inlineBrowse inline responses in shiny app
chr_vecs_equalAre character vectors equal?
code_includesTest whether code includes a function
compile_allCompile all RMarkdown submissions
compile_assignmentCompile assignment report
compile_keyCompile the assessment key
copy_dataCopy data to RMarkdown submission directory
def_by_codeTest whether a variable was defined statically or using code
extract_html_commentExtract html comment
fbk_template_htmlCreate a feedback template for HTML assessment report
feedback_allProduce feedback reports
feedback_reportProduce a feedback report
feedback_report_pdfProduce a feedback report
feedback_templateCreate a feedback template for the assessment
fetchDownload assignments from moodle
fn_regexGenerate regular expression to search for R function call
form_fixed_matchDo fixed terms in formula match?
form_rand_matchDo random terms in formula match?
fun_existsDoes function exist in submission environment?
fun_result_identicalDo return values from a function match solution?
fun_trySafely try out a function defined in the submission
get_blacklistGet blacklisted functions
get_err_stringGet a printable string from error message
give_feedbackOutput the feedback
grapes-equals-grapesVectorized version of all.equal
is_typeSafely determine variable type
lgl_vals_equalAre logical values the same?
lgl_vecs_equalAre logical vectors equal?
list_compiledList all compiled html files
list_submissionsList all RMarkdown submissions
lmerMods_identicalAre lmer models identical?
lms_identicalAre linear models identical?
moodle_idGet Moodle identifier from filename
num_vals_closeAre submission and solution numeric values close
objs_identicalAre objects identical
remove_commentsRemove comments
reset_feedbackReset feedback
round2Round up from .5
scrape_inlineTangle inline code from file
setextraTest set difference
setextra_modTest difference in model (fixed effects) terms
set_moodle_credentialsCreate a credential file for moodle login
sgetSafely return object
tangleTangle code from Rmd file
tbl_cols_equalAre table column values equal
tbl_has_colsDoes a submission table have required columns?
tbl_same_colnamesAre table column names the same
tbl_same_dimsAre table dimensions the same
tbl_same_nrowsSame number of rows in table
tbls_identicalAre submission and solution tables identical
vec_vals_closeAre vector element values close?
visitVisit a submission file
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