Man pages for dalejbarr/simgen
Monte Carlo Simulations of Simultaneous Generalization

contr.devDeviation-Coded Contrast Matrices
createParamMxCreate Population Parameter Matrix for One-Factor Design
findValidVCovParamsFind valid parameters for a variance-covariance matrix
fitanovaRun ANOVA analysis
fitlmerRun mixed-effects model using ('lmer')
fitlmer.mcmcRun mixed-effects model ('lmer') with MCMC p-value
fitnocorrRun mixed-effects model using ('lmer')
fitnocorr.mcmcRun mixed-effects model ('lmer') with MCMC p-value
fitrsonlyRun mixed-effects model using ('lmer')
fitstepwiseFit lmer model using model selection
fitstepwise.bestpathFit lmer model using model selection
formVCovMxForm a symmetric variance-covariance matrix
genParamRangesData-generating parameter ranges
genParamRanges.facMixedABData-generating parameter ranges
getParamRangesData-generating parameter ranges for one-factor design
heatmap2Create a heatmap from a given loess fit.
initializeClusterLoad in package simgen on all available clusters
loessPredFit a loess model to the p-value data for later use in...
lrCompareFit mixed-models and obtain p-values from model comparison
lrTestLikelihood-Ratio Test for Fitted mer Objects
mcRunMonte Carlo Simulation
mkDfMake a dataframe with simulated data given a set of...
mkDf.facMixedABGenerate simulated data from a two-way mixed factorial design
mkParamMx.facMixedABMake matrix of data-generating parameters for mixed factorial...
mkSeedsMake random seeds for Monte Carlo runs
pconvProportion of runs achieving convergence
psigProportion of runs achieving statistical significance
randParamsGenerate population parameters from data-generating...
reassembleStepwiseFileParse and assemble data in a stepwise file into an array.
tryFitFit model with error-trapping
tryUpdateUpdate model with error-trapping
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