Man pages for danfosterfire/Rfuels
Estimate Fuel Loads from Brown's Transects for Sierra Nevada Conifers

aggregate_treelistGet Species Composition
estimate_cwd_loadEstimate coarse woody debris (1000-hour) fuel loads
estimate_fuel_loadsEstimate fuel loads
estimate_fwd_loadEstimate fine woody debris (1-hour, 10-hour, and 100-hour)...
estimate_litterduff_loadEstimate litter and duff fuel loads
get_1000h_coeffs1000-hour coefficients
get_fwd_coeffs1-, 10-, and 100-hour coefficients
get_litterduff_coeffsCalculate coefficients
get_spp_codesGet species codes
lookup_vwLookup Van Wagtendonk Values
validate_fuelsValidate fuels data
validate_treelistValidate treelist
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