Man pages for danheck/metaBMA
Bayesian Model Averaging for Random and Fixed Effects Meta-Analysis

bmaBayesian Model Averaging
facial_feedbackData Set: Facial Feedback
inclusionInclusion Bayes Factor
meta_bmaModel Averaging for Meta-Analysis
metaBMA-packagemetaBMA: Bayesian Model Averaging for Random and Fixed...
meta_defaultDefaults for Model Averaging in Meta-Analysis
meta_fixedBayesian Fixed-Effects Meta-Analysis
meta_orderedMeta-Analysis with Order-Constrained Study Effects
meta_randomBayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
plot_defaultPlot Default Priors
plot_forestForest Plot for Meta-Analysis
plot.meta_predPlot Predicted Bayes Factors
plot_posteriorPlot Posterior Distribution
plot.priorPlot Prior Distribution
power_poseData Set: Power Pose Effect
predicted_bfPredicted Bayes Factors for a New Study
priorPrior Distribution
towelsData Set: Reuse of Towels in Hotels
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