Man pages for danielkick/esynvmod

add_metadataAdd Metadata
auto_graphAuto Graph
auto_graph_a_htk_htk.lsAuto Graph A HTK HTK.LS
check_start_endCheck Start End
condense_data_to_listsCondense Data to Lists
find_and_fix_switched_colsFind and Fix Switched Columns
find_median_deflectionsFind Median Deflections
helloHello, World!
lm_eqnGet Linear Model Equation
mini_auto_graph_ionicMini auto graph ionic
process_tevcProcess Two Electrode Voltage Clamp
refresh_esynvmod_tabular_dataRefresh esynvmod Tabular Data
save_fig_listSave Figure List
sep_peak_endSeparate Peak and End Observations
show_tecc_plotsShow Two Electrode Current Clamp Plots
simplify_dfSimplify Data.frame
solve_for_resistancesSolve for Resistances
stack_channelsStack Columns by Channel
standard_ionic_pltsStandard Ionic Plots
standard_ionic_plts_1cStandard Ionic Plots One Condition
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