Man pages for danjamesadams/Dantools
A Veritable Plethora of Helper Functions

all_uniqueCheck Whether All Elements of a Vector Are Unique
devloadLoad Package Development Libraries.
disownReduce Object to a Nameless Vector.
duplicatesFind All Indices of Duplicated Elements
first_uniqueRetrieve the First Incidence of Each Element of a Vector
grepEGrep an Exact Pattern
in_string_sortAppropriately Sort Numerical Vectors with Prepended...
list_removeRemove (Named) Elements from a List.
order_pasteGenerate an Sequence of Numbers with Even Character Counts.
posmodModify Specific Elements of a Vector in Different Ways
refreshRefresh R Shell
row_duplicatorDuplicate and Split Out Rows of a dtable with Shared Values
swap_naReplace NAs
x_if_nullMaintain indices with missing information in a list...
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