Man pages for danji90/sensorThings4R
R package for Reading and Visualising SensorThingsAPI Data

expressMapFoIDirectly load thing FoIs to leaflet map
expressMapLocationsDirectly load thing locations to leaflet map
getLocationThingsGet things at a location with specific ID
getStreamObservationsLoad datastreams and observations into R
getThingDatastreamsLists the datastreams of a thing and loads them into R
makeThingFoICreate "thingFoI" data frame
makeThingLocationCreate a "thingLocation" data frame
mapThingFoIDisplay SensorThing Features of Interest on a map
mapThingLocationsDisplay SensorThing locations on a map
senseFoILoad FeatureOfInterest data from SensorThings APIs
senseLocationsLoads Location data from SensorThings APIs
senseThingsLoad Thing data from SensorThings APIs
shinyThingsShiny App for SensorThings API
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