Man pages for dannyjameswilliams/danielR
Collection of Danny's R Code

auc_inAUC Calculator
crimeChicago Crime data from 2001 to 2019
cv.lrCross-Validation of Logistic Regression Model
get_errorMatch Error Function
gev_fitFit a GEV model
gev_gradGEV gradient function
gev_likfitGEV likelihood function
gev_optimGEV optimisation function
gev_rlCalculate Return Values
irls.lrIteratively Re-weighted Least Squares
loglik_lrBernoulli distribution log-likelihood
log_scoreLog Score
lrLogistic Regression
plot.gevPlot GEV model diagnostics
predict.lrPredict from a Logistic Regression model
print.gevPrint GEV model
print.lrPrint Logistic Regression Model
rain_max_modelModel Precipitation Maxima
rain_max_obsObserved Precipitation Maxima
roc.lrReceiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve
sigmoidSigmoid function
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