Man pages for dapped/eth
Interact with Ethereum

convertConvert between Ether units
createdFind all the contracts created by an Ethereum address
creatorReturn the address of a contract's creator
erc20_balanceGet ERC20 token balances
etheth: Tools to Explore the Ethereum Blockchain
eth_unitsEther units
get_abiReturn the ABI of a contract
get_balanceGet Ethereum balance for an address
get_eventsGet event logs
get_nameGet the name of a verified contract
get_txsGet transactions for an address
in_outSummarize ETH flow for an address
is_contractCheck whether an address is a contract address
is_verifiedCheck whether a contract has verified source code
keccak256Return the Keccak-256 hash for a string
parse_abiParse an ABI
update_txsUpdate transactions for an address
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