Man pages for daqana/dqshiny
Enhance Shiny Apps with Customizable Modules

add_classChange the state of a shiny interface element
add_jsAdds a custom JS function
autocomplete_inputCreates an autocomplete text input field
clickProgrammatically click a button
create_dq_box_groupCreate a dq box group
dq_accordionAccordion module to show several collapsible boxes
dq_add_selectize_optionsAdds selectizeOptions to a column of rhandsontable
dq_boxCreates a html box with specified parameters
dq_busyAdds a loading image if shiny is busy
dq_drawerCreates a drawer sidebar element
dq_galleryCreates a content gallery element
dq_helptagCreates a help symbol with the given title as popover
dq_hot_cellConfigure individual cells of rhandsontable widget
dq_hot_date_rendererrhandsontable renderer
dq_htmltableCreate a HTML table containing the given list of elements
dq_iconCreates an icon element
dq_infoboxCreates an info box with given texts
dq_render_handsontableAdds an uiOutput and renders an enhanced rhandsontable html...
dq_render_svgRender ggplot2 figure as svg
dqshinydqshiny: Enhance Shiny Apps with Customizable Modules
dq_spaceCreate an empty div for spacing
enableChange the state of a shiny interface element
hiddenSets the initial state of all given tags
hideChange the state of a shiny interface element
icon_state_buttonCreates a state button showing different icons
initInitializes dqshiny
init_fontsInitializes dqshiny fonts for figures
range_filternumeric range filter for data.frames
render_dq_box_groupDirectly render a set of dq_boxes as a group
render_hotFunction to (re)render an existing rhandsontable
reset_slider_inputFunction to reset a slider input
text_filtertext filter for data.frames
time_inputCreates a time input field
video_boxAdds a video box to the app
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