Man pages for daroczig/dbr
Convenient Database Connections and Queries

check_attrCheck if object has an attribute
db_appendAppend rows into a database table
db_closeClose a database connection
db_configLoad DB connection parameters
db_config_encrypt_secretEncrypt a secret via KMS and prints the base64-encoded...
db_config_invalidate_cacheInvalidates the cached secret storage
db_connectConnect to a database using YAML configs
db_insertInsert rows into a database table
db_queryExecute an SQL query in a database
db_refreshRefresh SQL query
is.redshiftChecks if a database reference or connection is Redshift or...
redshift_insert_via_copy_from_s3Dumps a data frame to disk, copies to S3 and runs COPY FROM...
sql_chunkLook up common SQL chunks to be reused in SQL queries
sql_chunk_filesList or update the list of SQL chunk files to be used in...
write_jsonlinesWrites each row of a data frame as JSON into a file separated...
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