Man pages for daroczig/logger
A Lightweight, Modern and Flexible Logging Utility

appender_asyncDelays executing the actual appender function to the future...
appender_consoleAppend log record to stderr
appender_fileAppend log messages to a file
appender_kinesisSend log messages to a Amazon Kinesis stream
appender_pushbulletSend log messages to Pushbullet
appender_slackSend log messages to a Slack channel
appender_stdoutAppend log record to stdout
appender_syslogSend log messages to the POSIX system log
appender_teeAppend log messages to a file and stdout as well
appender_telegramSend log messages to a Telegram chat
colorize_by_log_levelColorize string by the related log level
fail_on_missing_packageCheck if R package can be loaded and fails loudly otherwise
fallback_namespaceChecks if provided namespace exists and falls back to global...
formatter_glueApply 'glue' to convert R objects into a character vector
formatter_glue_or_sprintfApply 'glue' and 'sprintf'
formatter_jsonTransforms all passed R objects into a JSON list
formatter_loggingMimic the default formatter used in the 'logging' package
formatter_panderFormats R objects with pander
formatter_pasteConcatenate R objects into a character vector via 'paste'
formatter_sprintfApply 'sprintf' to convert R objects into a character vector
get_logger_definitionsFind the logger definition(s) specified for the current...
get_logger_meta_variablesCollect useful information about the logging environment to...
grapes-except-grapesTry to evaluate an expressions and evaluate another...
grayscale_by_log_levelRender a string with light/dark gray based on the related log...
layout_blankFormat a log record by including the raw message without...
layout_glueFormat a log message with 'glue'
layout_glue_colorsFormat a log message with 'glue' and ANSI escape codes to add...
layout_glue_generatorGenerate log layout function using common variables available...
layout_jsonGenerate log layout function rendering JSON
layout_json_parserGenerate log layout function rendering JSON after merging...
layout_loggingFormat a log record as the logging package does by default
layout_simpleFormat a log record by concatenating the log level, timestamp...
log_appenderGet or set log record appender function
log_errorsInjects a logger call to standard errors
log_evalEvaluate an expression and log results
log_failureLogs the error message to console before failing
log_formatterGet or set log message formatter
loggerGenerate logging utility
log_layoutGet or set log record layout
log_levelLog a message with given log level
log_levelsLog levels
log_messagesInjects a logger call to standard messages
log_separatorLogs a long line to stand out from the console
log_shiny_input_changesAuto logging input changes in Shiny app
log_thresholdGet or set log level threshold
log_tictocTic-toc logging
log_warningsInjects a logger call to standard warnings
log_with_separatorLogs a message in a very visible way
skip_formatterAdds the skip_formatter attribute to an object so that logger...
top_env_nameReturns the name of the top level environment from which the...
validate_log_levelAssure valid log level
with_log_thresholdEvaluate R expression with a temporarily updated log level...
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