Man pages for darrellpenta/dissertate
Convenience functions for writing a dissertation (Cognitive Science, etc)

aov_fgridCreate AOV formulas from a filter.grid
aov_fgrid_betweenAnova variables column
aov_form_helpersAOV form helpers
aov_formulate_bwHelper for AOV BW formulas from a filter.grid
aov_fstats_reshapeCreates a long version of ftable
aov_fstats_tableCreate AOV fstats_table
aov_runCreate AOV formulas from a filter.grid
APA_txt_numAPA numbers-as-text
combine_factor_levelsA vectorized version ofthe combn function
create_fgridCreate a data frame of variable combinations for a...
dots_makerHelper functions for sweet_dot
expand_fgridData-filtering conditions as vectors
expand_fgrid_helpersHelper functions for creating factor_filter_columns
factor_summarySummary stats for factors
factor_summary_helpersHelper functions for creating factor_summary_data
flist_to_dotsReturn a list of formulas or a character vector of such a...
proundpround: Helper function for sweetstat
p_starsStar-type signigicance symbols
root_dirShortcut for specifying paths relative to root
select_dotsA convience function for programming with dplyr's select_ a data frame by column
standard_errorCompute a standard error statistic for a vector
statroundstatround: Helper functions for sweetstat
summary_form_gridCreate sumamry formulas from a filter.grid
summary_form_helpersSummary form helpers
summary_runCreate AOV formulas from a filter.grid
summary_statsStandard summary stats
sweet_dotsCreate dots
sweet_pAPA-style decimal rounding for p-values
sweetproundSweeten a statistic: Helper for Stat Sweet
sweetroundSweeten a statistic: Helper for Stat Sweet
sweet_statAPA-style decimal rounding for stats
sweet_tidyModified version of tidy
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