Man pages for data-cleaning/validate.simplify
Checking and Simplifying Validation Rule Sets

cat_as_mip_rulesget categorical rules as mip_rules
cat_coefficientsGet coefficient matrix from categorical rules
detect_boundary_catDetect viable domains for categorical variables
detect_boundary_numDetect the range for numerical variables
detect_fixed_variablesDetect fixed variables
detect_infeasible_rulesDetect which rules cause infeasibility
detect_redundancyDetect redundant rules without removing.
expect_valuesexpect values
is_categoricalCheck if rules are categorical
is_conditionalCheck if rules are conditional rules
is_contradicted_byFind out which rules are conflicting
is_implied_byFind which rule(s) make rule_name redundant
is_infeasibleCheck the feasibility of a rule set
is_linearCheck which rules are linear rules.
make_feasibleMake an infeasible system feasible.
mip_ruleCreate a rule used by mip
remove_redundancyRemove redundant rules
simplify_conditionalSimplify conditional statements
simplify_fixed_variablesSimplify fixed variables
simplify_rulesSimplify a rule set
substitute_valuessubstitute a value in a rule set
translate_mip_lptranslate linear rules into an lp problem
validatetoolsTools for validation rules
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