Man pages for datacamp/testwhat
Easily write submission correctness tests for R exercises

build_pdBuild ParseData from string representing code
check_chunkCheck markdown code chunk
check_codeTest the student's code as text
check_controlCheck whether student coded a control statement correctly
check_equal.MarkdownChunkOptionStateCheck equality of markdown code chunk option
check_equal.MarkdownYamlOptionStateCheck equality of markdown YAML header option
check_errorExplicitly check whether the student's submission threw an...
check_functionCheck whether a student correctly called a function/operator
check_function_resultCheck the result of a function call/operation
check_fun_defCheck whether the student defined a function correctly
check_ggplotTest ggplot call
check_headerCheck markdown header
check_libraryCheck whether the library function was called correctly
check_logicCombine tests
check_mcTest a multiple choice exercise
check_option.MarkdownChunkStateCheck markdown code chunk option
check_option.MarkdownYamlStateCheck markdown YAML header option
check_outputCheck whether the student printed something to the console
check_predefined_objectsTest predefined R objects
check_rmdCheck markdown file
check_thatExpectation wrapper
check_titleCheck markdown header title
check_wdCheck whether a file exists
check_yamlCheck markdown YAML header
compareCheck if object is true, false, >= or <.
disable_highlightingDisable highlighting for any future checks in the chain
exGet the main state
get_num_hitsGet the number of hits for a series of regexes
is_equalCheck equality of two objects
overrideFunctions to override solution code (and parse data) and...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
run_until_failRun SCT until it fails
s3defsS3 definitions
setup_stateSet up state for local experimentation.
statetestwhat states.
success_msgDefine the success message
test_chunk_optionsCheck whether the student defined the correct chunk options...
test_exerciseRun all tests for an exercise
test_exprCheck the result, output or errors thrown by an expression
test_objectCheck R object existence and value
test_pipeCheck whether a student used the pipe operator sufficiently...
test_propsCheck whether the student used the correct properties (ggvis...
test_rmd_groupTest a single R Markdown file group (R Markdown exercises)
test_textTest inline text and formatting (Markdown)
testwhat_learnrA checker function to use with learnr
test_yaml_headerCheck yaml header (Markdown)
twtw singleton object to access data across SCT chains.
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