Man pages for datalorax/slidex
Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Slides to R Markdown

body_textText to paste
check_bulletsInsert bullets before text
convert_pptxExtract xml from pptx
create_yamlCreate the xaringan YAML front matter
extract_attrExtract attributes from the corresponding slide
extract_bodyExtract the body of the slide
extract_notesFunction to extract notes from a slide
extract_tableExtract tables from slides
extract_titleExtract slide title
extract_xmlExtract xml from pptx
import_rel_xmlImport xml 'rel' code from pptx
import_slide_xmlImport xml code for pptx slides
level_bulletsFixes the bulleting levels in the case of non-standard...
slidex-packageslidex: convert Microsoft PowerPoint slides to R Markdown
stylize_textbold or italicize text
tribble_codeWrap a DF in 'tibble::tribble' code
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