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Palette type options


This page describes the characteristics of the color palettes available by default



Palette that assigns a color to each category without a particular order. When choosing categorical palettes it is important that the colors do not convey a certain order or hierarchy of the categories and that the colors are clearly distinguishable from each other.


Palette that assigns sequential colors to numerical values. This type of palette is recommended for numerical values (such as economic or population indices) or ordered categories (such as years or days of the week) to convey the importance of minimum and maximum values.


Palette that assigns divergent colors to numerical values. This type of palette contains a color scale with two different colors at each end and a third color in the middle to express neutrality. Recommended for continuous variables with a central reference value around which the more extreme values of the data are compared (such as satisfaction levels in a survey). The colors assigned to the extremes of the data should highlight the respective difference to the reference value, which is assigned a neutral color between the two more striking colors assigned to the extremes.

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