Man pages for datawookie/ether
Interaction with the 'Ethereum' Blockchain

as.etherConvert Wei to Ether.
as.finneyConvert Wei to Finney.
as.gweiConvert Wei to GWei.
as.kweiConvert Wei to kWei.
as.mweiConvert Wei to MWei.
as.szaboConvert Wei to Szabo.
dec_to_hexConvert decimal to hexadecimal.
eth_accountsReturns addresses owned by client.
eth_blockNumberReturns the number of most recent block.
eth_coinbaseReturns the client coinbase address.
etherether: An R package for working with Ethereum.
eth_gasPriceReturns the current gas price in wei.
eth_getBalanceReturns the balance (in Wei) of the account at specified...
eth_getBlockReturns information about a specified block.
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHashReturns the number of transactions in a block matching the...
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumberReturns the number of transactions in a specified block.
eth_getStorageAtReturns the value from a storage position at a given address.
eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndexReturns information about a transaction by block hash and...
eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndexReturns information about a transaction by block number and...
eth_getTransactionByHashReturns the information about a transaction.
eth_getTransactionCountReturns the number of transactions sent from an address.
eth_getTransactionReceiptReturns the receipt of a transaction by transaction hash.
eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndexReturns information about an uncle of a block by hash and...
eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndexReturns information about a uncle of a block by number and...
eth_getUncleCountByBlockHashReturns the number of uncles in a block from a block matching...
eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumberReturns the number of uncles in a block from a block matching...
eth_hashrateReturns the number of hashes per second that the node is...
eth_miningReturns true if client is actively mining new blocks.
eth_protocolVersionReturns the current ethereum protocol version.
eth_syncingReturns an object with data about the sync status.
get_blocksRetrieve a series of blocks.
get_post_responseSubmit POST to Ethereum RPC.
get_rpc_addressGet address used for RPC.
get_transactionsRetrieve transactions for a series of blocks.
hex_to_decConvert hexadecimal to decimal.
set_rpc_addressSet address used for RPC.
web3_clientVersionReturns the current client version.
web3_sha3Returns Keccak-256 (not the standardized SHA3-256) of the...
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