Man pages for davebraze/FDB1
A brew of utility and convenience functions

aovtableWrapper around 'aov' with better output.
betasExtract betas from an lm object.
blockRandomListsBlock randomize a set of trials.
char2intMap character elements to integer elements.
cocaCohortGet lexical cohort.
cocaLemma2wordsGet attested wordforms for the specified lemma.
cocaLemmaFreqSummed wordform frequencies for a lemma.
cocaLemmaSetReturn the set of wordforms associated with a lemma.
cocaNeighborsFind lexical neighbors.
cocaReadFreqRead CoCA word frequency table.
cocaSimpleWordClassSimplify CoCA (CLAWS7) part-of-speech tags.
cocaWord2lemmasGet lemmas for the specified wordform.
compcorrFisher's Z test for comparing two correllation coefficients.
corrTableGet correlation table for numerical matrix M.
cosinedistCompute cosine distance.
fact2charCoerce a vector of class "factor" to character
fact2numCoerce a vector of class "factor" to numeric.
gammaDistHistHistogram of gamma distribution.
ggCaterpillarPlot random effects from lmer fit.
ggQQplotCreate and plot a QQ plot matrix.
glmerProbEmpirical and implied probabilities for binomial outcome...
invBoxCoxInverse Box-Cox transform.
invLogitLogits to probabilities.
iplotPlot eye-movement summaries by sentence region.
is.evenIs n even?
is.numeralCan vector be coerced to numeric?
is.oddIs n odd?
is.wholenumberCan each element of x reasonably be interpreted as a whole...
levelOrderReorder factor levels.
locateTranslate relative coordinates (pos) to data coords.
mahalDistGet squared Mahalanobis distances for N observations in M...
mahalPlotQQplot of squared mahalanobis distance against Chi-square...
matlabDelimFunction for exporting data.frame to matlab-suitable tab...
nobsNumber of non-missing values.
normal2Normal curve plot
normalDistHist2Plot histograms of two different theoretical normal...
normalPropsFigure showing 68%-95%-99.7% Rule for normal curve.
normalRegionPlot normal curve with middle region painted.
normalSampHist2Plot histograms for two samples drawn from Normal...
outlierCheckOutlier summary.
outlierIDLocate outliers.
outlierTrimReplace outliers with NA.
print.aovtablePrints an anova table generated by aovtable()
qqpQuantile-Quantile plot for a variable within a data.frame.
read.merRead a 'merge' file (*.mer), as might be exported from...
regtableCustomized regression table.
seStandard error of the mean.
sePStandard Error of a Proportion.
seriesFind sequences of integers in numeric vector v.
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