Man pages for davebraze/FDBeye
Functions to Ease Work with Eyetracker Data

adjust_yAdjust y coordinates for gaze data.
ascAnonRemove potentially identifying information from SRR *ASC...
cat_lines1Categorize fixations into appropriate text lines
cat_lines2Categorize fixations into appropriate text lines
cat_lines3Categorize fixations into appropriate text line unction to...
cat_lines4Function to optimize slope, offset and sd for all lines of...
edf2ascCall SRR "edf2asc" command line utility to do some work.
EToralreadingData: Eye movements (fixations) over text.
FDBeyeTools to Ease Work with Eyetracker Data
fixPlotPlot Gaze Fixation Data Over a Bitmap
getBGcolFinds 'background' value in a matrix.
getCharsSweep each line of text in a text cavas to estimate character...
getEyelinkTrialDataCalled by readELascii()
getLinesEstimate locations of text lines within text canvases.
getMarginsFind the margins in a text canvas
getRegionFind the region containing each fixation.
get_start_ptsGet y positions of text lines from region file
get_xyboundsGet xy_bounds from region file
inkedCounts 'inked' values in a vector.
makeReportGenerate an ET report, as data.frame.
mark_oobMark out of boundary fixations
nearestPOIFind the nearest Point of Interest for each fixation.
readELasciiGet events from SR Research ASCII data files.
reg2regdefConvert region file to region definition file.
regdef2iasConvert region definition file to SRR Interest Area file.
region2SRiasConvert region file to SR interest area file
reportFixationsExtract a fixation report from an ELascii object
reportSaccadesExtract a saccade report from an ELascii object
reportTrialsExtract a trial report from an ELascii object
trial_plotsThis function draws original and modified fixations with...
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