Man pages for davebraze/FDButils
Low Level Utility Functions

compCorrFisher's Z test for comparing two correllation coefficients.
fact2charCoerce Factor Vector to Character Preserving Labels.
fact2numCoerce Factor Vector to Numeric Preserving Levels.
FDButilsUtility and Convenience Functions.
gcdGet the greatest common divisor.
invBoxCoxInverse Box-Cox Transformation.
invDnormPositive Inverse Of The Normal Density Function.
invLogitLogits To Probabilities.
isEvenAre Elements Of x Even Numbers?
isNumeralCan Character Vector Be Coerced To Numeric?
isOddAre elements of x odd numbers?
isWholeNumberCan Elements Of x Be Interpreted As Whole Numbers?
latinListCreate Latin squares.
levelOrderReorder factor levels.
mahalDistCGet squared Mahalanobis distances to centroid.
mahalDistPGet pairwise squared Mahalanobis distances.
nobsNumber Of Non-missing Values In Vector.
outliersIdentify potential outliers in a numeric vector.
sampleModeGet the sample mode of a vector or matrix.
sciNotConvert numeric vector to character in scientific notation.
seStandard Error Of The Mean.
sePStandard Error of a Proportion.
seriesFind Regular Sequences Of Integers In Numeric Vector.
timestampGet a human readable timestamp as string.
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