Man pages for david-borchers/secrgam
Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture with Generalised Additive Density Models

addcov2maskAdd covariates to mask from raster data
add.covariate.basesAdd basis functions to attr(mask,"covariates").
AIC.secrgamCompare SECRgam models.
AIC.secrlistPrints AIC table using AIC.secr output as input.
Boland.altAltitudes in the Boland.
Boland.alt.imageAltitudes in the Boland (in fromat for plotting).
Boland.fits1SECR models fitted to 'Boland.CH1'.
Boland.fits2SECR models fitted to 'Boland.CH2'.
Boland.landuseLand use class in the Boland.
Boland.landuse.imageLand use class in the Boland (in fromat for plotting).
Boland.leopards1Simulated data from 2010 camera-trap survey of leopards in...
Boland.leopards2Simulated data from a more extensive simulated survey than...
derivedDerived density calculation for secrgam objects
esaEffective survey area calculation for secrgam objects
fitted.secrgamGet fitted density values from an secrgam model
fxi.secrgamProbability Density of Home Range Centre
image.maskImage plot of mask object. a design matrix from a density model
plotDgamSECR Density spline plotting.
plot.secrgamPlot fitted density surface or detection function
prep4imagePrepares data frame for plotting with image/contour/persp.
prepare.mask.basesAdd spline basis functions to mask covariates.
region.NDAbundance and Density in a region.
secrgam.fitSECR fit with flexible Density models - beta version.
secrgam-packageSECR with Density Surface GAMs
sim.popn.secrgamGenerate a population using any density formula
trap.covarReturns covariate values of mask point closest to each trap.
WCape.altAltitudes in Western Cape.
WCape.alt.imageAltitudes in Western Cape (in fromat for plotting).
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