Man pages for david-salgado/RepoReadWrite
Read and write files from/to the microdata repository

ExampleDDObject of class DD
ExampleStQObject of class StQ
ExampleVNCObject of class VarNameCorresp
ReadOldRepoFileWrite a file with a key-value
ReadRepoFileRead a file with a key-value pair structure
RepoDDToDDProduce an object of class DD from a DD file
RepoFileTorawStQListProduce an object of class rawStQList from files with...
RepoFileToStQListProduce an object of class StQList from files with key-value...
RepoFileVersionReturn index number of the last version of a file
RepoNextFileVerNumberCreate the name of the next version of a file
RepoPeriodRangeObtain the time periods of a given input file type in a given...
RepoXLSToDDProduce an object DD from an Excel file
RepoXLSToRepoDDProduce a file DD from an xlsx file
RepoXLSToVNCProduce an object of class VarNameCorresp from an xls file
ValidateXLSValidate xls file to create DD
WriteRepoFileWrite a key-value pair ASCII file
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