Man pages for davidavdav/ROC
Compute structures to compute ROC and DET plots and metrics for 2-class classifiers.

ape.plotFunction to make a Applied Probability of Error plot
as.cstCreate a data frame from a Collection of Supervised Trials...
cond.tableCompute a contingency table from an sre object
ddensityDouble probability density computation and plotting
det.sreCompute Detection Error Tradeoff statistics from SRE opbject
eerCompute the equal error rate given false positive and false...
legend.detAdd a legnd to a DET plot
llr.plotScore-to-Log-Likelihood-Ratio plot
logitLogistic function and sigmoid function
plot.condPlot several DET plots from a single trial list, analyzed per...
plot.detMake a Detection Error Trade-off plot
read.sreFunction to read in an SRE data structure from file
rocCompute Receiver Operating Characteristic statistics from a...
ROC-packageCompute performance measures for two-class classifiers for...
roc.plotMake a Receiver Operating Characteristic plot
setDCFThese functions allows to specify the Decision Cost Function...
srekeyData known about existing SREs
summary.rocThis function prints summary information about a DET analysis
tippet.plotDraw a Tippet plot for a forensic comparison system
train.logregTrain calibration of probabilistic classifier
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