Man pages for davidcsterratt/infenergy
Informatics energy analysis hourly data
dailyDaily representation of data UPS data to database
get.inf.meter.dataGet raw cumulative data from the Informatics Forum...
get.single.upsGet data from a UPS data for a single UPS from database data from a single UPS from Netmon logfiles one day's data from a single UPS from Netmon logfiles data in hourly chunks from an informatics UPS log.
get.uni.half.hourly.dataGet half-hourly data from the University Energy Office's data... hourly data from the Informatics UPS logs
hourlyHourly representation of data
monthlyMonthly representation of data
plot.dailyPlot energy data daily
plot.hourlyPlot energy data hourly
plot.weeklyPlot energy data weekly
stepplotStep plot
weeklyWeekly representation of data
yearlyYearly representation of data
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