Man pages for davidgohel/oxbase
Manipulation of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents

add_sheetadd a sheet
add_slideadd a slide
annotate_baseannotate PowerPoint base document
block_listlist of blocks
body_add_blocksadd a list of blocks into a document
body_add_breakadd page break
body_add_docxinsert an external docx
body_add_fparadd fpar
body_add_ggadd ggplot
body_add_imgadd image
body_add_paradd paragraph of text
body_add_tableadd table
body_add_tocadd table of content
body_add_xmladd an xml string as document element
body_bookmarkadd bookmark
body_end_sectionadd section
body_removeremove an element
body_replace_all_textReplace text anywhere in the document, or at a cursor
body_replace_text_at_bkmreplace text at a bookmark location
change_stylesreplace paragraphs styles
color_schemecolor scheme
cursorset cursor in an rdocx object
doc_propertiesread document properties
docx_body_relationshipbody xml document
docx_body_xmlbody xml document
docx_bookmarksList Word bookmarks
docx_dimWord page layout
docx_reference_imgadd images into an rdocx object
docx_show_chunkShow underlying text tag structure
docx_summaryget Word content in a tidy format
external_imgexternal image
fparconcatenate formatted text
fp_borderborder properties object
fp_cellCell formatting properties
fp_parParagraph formatting properties
fp_signobject unique signature
fp_textText formatting properties
ftextformatted text
layout_propertiesslide layout properties
layout_summarypresentation layouts summary
media_extractExtract media from a document object
move_slidemove a slide
officerofficer: Manipulate Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents
on_slidechange current slide
pack_foldercompress a folder
ph_add_fparappend fpar
ph_add_parappend paragraph
ph_add_textappend text
ph_emptyadd a new empty shape
ph_from_xmladd an xml string as new shape
ph_hyperlinkhyperlink a placeholder
ph_locationcreate a location for a placeholder
ph_location_fullsizelocation of a full size element
ph_location_labellocation of a named placeholder
ph_location_leftlocation of a left body element
ph_location_rightlocation of a right body element
ph_location_typelocation of a placeholder type
ph_removeremove shape
ph_slidelinkslide link to a placeholder
ph_withadd object into a new shape
ph_with_fpars_atadd multiple formated paragraphs
ph_with_ggadd ggplot to a pptx presentation
ph_with_imgadd image
ph_with_tableadd table
ph_with_textadd text into a new shape
ph_with_uladd unordered list to a pptx presentation
pptx_summaryget PowerPoint content in a tidy format
read_docxopen a connection to a 'Word' file
read_pptxopen a connexion to a 'PowerPoint' file
read_xlsxopen a connexion to an 'Excel' file
remove_slideremove a slide
set_doc_propertiesset document properties
sheet_selectselect sheet
shortcutsshortcuts for formatting properties
slide_summaryget PowerPoint slide content in a tidy format
slip_in_column_breakadd a column break
slip_in_footnoteappend a footnote
slip_in_imgappend an image
slip_in_seqfieldappend seq field
slip_in_textappend text
slip_in_xmladd a wml string into a Word document
stextWord styled text
styles_inforead Word styles
unpack_folderExtract files from a zip file
wml_link_imagestransform an xml string with images references
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