Man pages for davidgohel/worded
Convert from an R Markdown to a Microsoft Word Document or a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

add_paragraph_settingsadd settings for a paragraph
block_pour_docxpour the content of a docx file
block_tocadd a table of content
chunk_column_breakadd a column break
chunk_page_breakadd a page break
chunk_seqfieldadd a seqfield
chunk_styled_textstyled text
chunk_text_stylenamedadd text and associate it with a character style name.
dmlMake A DrawingML plotting object to print in Powerpoint
get_reference_pptxGet the document being used as a template
knit_print.dmlRender a plot as a Powerpint DrawingML object
rdocx_documentConvert to an MS Word document
rpptx_documentConvert to an MS PowerPoint document
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