Man pages for davidmacro/frog2features
Convert Frog Object (NLP-data) to Features

feature_to_t_valuesCalculate test statistics for predictive accuracy of a...
filter_frogFilter a frog object
FixStringsFactorsConvert all factor variables in a data.table to st44rings.
grapes-and-grapesConcatenate strings.
grapes-frogmerge-grapesMerge two frog data.table objects two frog data.table objects
grapes-if-grapesAlternative if
grapes-intersect-grapesPerforms set intersect
grapes-plus-grapesConcatenate strings.
grapes-plus-plus-grapesCross product string concatenation
grapes-union-grapesPerforms set union
grapes-X-grapesCross product string concatenation
is.frogCheck whether the object is valid frog data.table.
select_frogSelect items from a frog object
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