Man pages for davidski/emoncmsr
EmonCMS API Interace Library

add_input_processAdd input process
create_feedCreate a new feed.
delete_feedDelete a feed identified by ID.
delete_inputDelete an input by id
delete_input_processDelete input process
emoncms_api_keyFetch the emonCMS API key from the environment.
emoncms_uriFetch URI to the emoncms server
get_buffer_sizeRetrieve the number of buffer points pending write
get_feed_dataGet a timerange of data from a feed
get_feed_fieldsGet the fields associated with a feed
get_feed_metadataGets metadata information for a data feed.
get_feed_sizeRetrieve the current consumed size of all feeds
get_feed_valuesRetrieve the most current value from a given feed.
get_input_processesGet input processes
list_feedsFunctions for interacting with the emonCMS feeds. List...
list_inputsFunctions for interacting with the emonCMS inputs. List all...
move_input_processMove input process
post_bulk_data_to_inputPost bulk data to an input
post_data_to_inputPost data to an input
read_feed_fileRead a binary PHPFINA file
reset_input_processesReset input processes
send_emon_requestSend a request to emonCMS
set_feed_fieldSet field values for a feed
set_input_fieldSet a field on an input
set_input_processSet input process
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