Man pages for dazamora/IDFtool
Probability Density Function analysis and compute rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves

bootstrapCIDetermine confidence intervals to rainfall intensities...
fitDISTRIFit distribution functions by L-moments, probability weighted...
goodFITComputing of goodness-of-fit metrics and information...
IDFCurveCompute Intensity-Duration-Frequency curve
InfoCRITGeneric function calculating information criterias for fitted...
MLEZFitting parameters of PDF by means of maximum likelihood
MME_DISTFitting parameters of PDF by means of moments method
pexp1Cumulative probability of Exponential distribution
pgam1Cumulative probability of Gamma distribution
pgev1Cumulative probability of GEV distribution
pgum1Cumulative probability of Gumbel distribution
pln31Cumulative probability of LogNormal distribution
pnor1Cumulative probability of Normal distribution
ppe31Cumulative probability of Pearson Type III distribution
pwak1Cumulative probability of Wakeby distribution
pW-CriteriaIdentification criteria allow estimating the relative degree...
regIDFDetermine coefficients of IDF curves by means...
resoPLOTSelection of the graphs resolution
selecDISTConvert large names of distribution functions in a short one
VolcanicoVolcanico: fracture lengths in groundwater bodies measured on...
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