API for dbottomly/poplite
Tools for Simplifying the Population and Querying of SQLite Databases

Global functions
Database Man page Source code
Database-class Man page
TableSchemaList Man page Source code
TableSchemaList-class Man page
append,TableSchemaList,TableSchemaList-method Man page
basic.integer Source code
basic.text Source code
character.to.type Source code
clinical Man page
close.Database Source code
columns Man page
columns,Database-method Man page
columns,TableSchemaList-method Man page
constraint<- Man page
constraint<-,TableSchemaList-method Man page
correct.df.names Man page Source code
createTable Man page
createTable,TableSchemaList-method Man page
dbFile Man page
dbFile,Database-method Man page
determine.db.types Source code
dna Man page
filter Man page
filter_.Database Source code
get.join.keys Source code
get.model.side Source code
get.names.schema Source code
get.select.cols Source code
get.shortest.query.path Source code
get.starting.point Source code
get.tables.from.vars Source code
insertStatement Man page
insertStatement,TableSchemaList-method Man page
isOpen,Database-method Man page
length Man page
length,TableSchemaList-method Man page
lhs Source code
makeSchemaFromData Man page Source code
makeSchemaFromFunction Man page Source code
mergeStatement Man page
mergeStatement,TableSchemaList-method Man page
open.Database Source code
populate Man page Source code
populate,Database-method Man page
read.database.tables Source code
relationship<- Man page
relationship<-,TableSchemaList-method Man page
resolve.rhs.fk Source code
return.element Source code
rhs Source code
samples Man page
schema Man page
schema,Database-method Man page
select Man page Source code
select_.Database Source code
subset.TableSchemaList Source code
tables Man page
tables,Database-method Man page
tables,TableSchemaList-method Man page
tsl.to.graph Source code
valid.TableSchemaList Source code
valid.db.names Source code
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