Man pages for ddionrails/r2ddi
Converting various data formats to DDI

attachFileDscrAttach file_dscr from another DDI object
data.stataGenerate data.frame with data for Stata
ddi2jsonConvert and write DDI object to JSON
ddi2xmlNew XML function
ddi_code_bookGenerate a ddi code book.
ddi_file_dscrGenerate a ddi code book.
ddi_varGenerate varDscr
ddi_var_dscr_stataVariable description (Stata)
dir2ddiImport multiple files from one directory
freq.characterCalculate frequencies for character objects
freq.labeled_numericCalculate frequencies for valued_numeric objects
missings.stataMissings in Stata
print.ddiPrint ddi object
stata2ddistata to ddi
stata_importstata to ddi
varDscr.stataVariable description (Stata)
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