Man pages for ddsjoberg/sjosmooth
Kernel smoothing for time to event data

add_ciAdd bootstrapped confidence intervals
add_ci.sm_regressionAdd bootstrapped model estimates
add_coefGrab coefficient from models
add_coef_sdEstimate the SD for model coefficients
calculate_distCalculate the distance vector between a single point and each...
calculate_weightsProvided a point, a data frame, and lambda, this function...
grapes-T-greater-than-grapesTee operator
message_printPrints errors/warnings/messages
null-defaultDefault value for 'NULL'.
pipePipe operator
sjosmooth-packagesjosmooth: Kernel smoothing for time to event data
sm_predictKernel-weighted predictions from regression models
sm_predict_rawWrapper for 'predict()' with custom coding for some types of...
sm_regressionKernel-weighted regression models
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