Man pages for debangs/RSAGA
SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R

centervaluePick Center Value from Matrix
create.variable.nameConvert file name to variable name
focal.functionLocal and Focal Grid Functions
grid.predictHelper function for applying predict methods to stacks of... Grid Matrix to (x,y,z) data.frame
landslidesLandslide inventory and DEM
match.arg.extExtended Argument Matching
multi.focal.functionLocal and Focal Grid Function with Multiple Grids as Inputs
pick.from.pointsPick Variable from Spatial Dataset
read.ascii.gridRead/write ASCII, SAGA and Rd Grid Files
relative.positionRelative Topographic Position
resid.medianResidual Median and Quantile Filters for Grids Grid Values to Point Shapefile
rsaga.close.gapsSAGA Modules Close Gaps and Close One Cell Gaps
rsaga.contourContour Lines from a Grid
rsaga.copy.sgrdCreate a copy of a SAGA grid file
rsaga.default.pathDetermine SAGA GIS default paths
rsaga.envSet up the RSAGA Geoprocessing Environment ESRI ASCII/binary grids to SAGA grids
rsaga.esri.wrapperUse RSAGA functions for ESRI grids
rsaga.fill.sinksFill Sinks
rsaga.filter.gaussGauss Filter
rsaga.filter.simpleSimple Filters
rsaga.geoprocessorGeneric R interface for SAGA modules
rsaga.get.modulesFind SAGA libraries and modules
rsaga.get.usageUsage of SAGA command line modules
rsaga.get.versionDetermine SAGA GIS version
rsaga.grid.calculusSAGA Module Grid Calculus SAGA grid file to point shapefile
rsaga.hillshadeAnalytical hillshading Analytical hillshading calculation.
rsaga.html.helpHTML help on a SAGA module or library
rsaga.import.gdalImport Grid Files to SAGA grid format using GDAL
rsaga.insolationIncoming Solar Radiation (Insolation)
rsaga.intersect.polygonsSpatial intersection of two polygon layers
rsaga.inverse.distanceSpatial Interpolation Methods
rsaga.lib.prefixDetermine prefix for SAGA GIS library names
rsaga.local.morphometryLocal Morphometry
RSAGA-packageRSAGA: SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R
rsaga.parallel.processingParallel Processing
rsaga.pisrPotential incoming solar radiation
rsaga.pisr2Potential incoming solar radiation SAGA 2.2.2+ SAGA grids to ESRI ASCII/binary grids
rsaga.sink.removalSink Removal Remove sinks from a digital elevation model by...
rsaga.sink.routeSink Drainage Route Detection
rsaga.slope.asp.curvSlope, Aspect, Curvature incoming solar radiation
rsaga.targetDefine target grid for interpolation
rsaga.topdown.processingTop-Down Processing
rsaga.union.polygonsSpatial union of two polygon layers
rsaga.wetness.indexSAGA Modules SAGA Wetness Index
set.file.extensionDetermine or modify file name extensions
wind.shelterWind Shelter Index
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