Man pages for debarros/dbTools
Functions From de Barros

BedsDateBEDS Date
betterCompBetter Comparison
betterGreaterBetter Greater Than
betterMaxBetter Max
betterMinBetter Min
CNMS.MakeBulkUploadMake Bulk Upload for NYSSIS/Child Nutrition Management System
CreateCompareMatrixCreate Comparison Matrix Frame NA to Empty
FindInconsistentActiveStatusFind Inconsistent Active Status
GetNiceColumnNamesGet Nice Column Names
getSchoolDistrictGet School District
helloHello, World!
intersectSeveralIntersect Several
MbetterCompMatrix Better Comparison
MbetterGreaterMatrix Better Greater Than
MbetterMaxMatrix Better Max to Empty
one.dropOne Drop
read.csv.multiRead Multiple CSV's
read.xlsx.multiRead Multiple Excel workbooks
schoolYearSchool Year
setlengthSet Length
SortLengthSort by Length
SWSMSuppress Warnings and Messages
UnEnrolledInCohortUnenrolled Students In The Cohort
UpdateDescriptionUpdate Description
VbetterCompVector Better Comparison
VbetterGreaterVector Better Greater Than
VbetterMaxVector Better Max
VbetterMinVector Better Min
VgetSchoolDistrictVector Get School District
write.psimportWrite PowerSchool Import File
write.SIRSWrite Level 0 SIRS Extract
xlDateConvert dates from Excel
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