Man pages for dempseynoel/parlygroups
A package for scraping data from the "Register of All-Party Parliamentary Groups".

appg_agmFetch details on APPG Annual General Meetings
appg_benefitsFetch details on APPG benefits in kind
appg_cache_errorReport an error fetching cached appgs
appg_financialFetch details on APPG financial funding
appg_groupsFetch details on APPG groups
appg_officersFetch details on officers of APPGs
date_format_errorReport an error parsing a date string
download_appgDownload Register of All-Party Parliamentary Groups
filter_basicFilter basic common parameter
filter_dateFilter between two dates
filter_valueFilter between two values
get_agm_tableGet agm table
get_appg_contents_urlGet appg contents url
get_appg_href_tagsGet appg href tags
get_appg_tablesGet all appg tables
get_appg_urlsGet appg urls
get_benefits_tableGet benefits table
get_cached_tablesGet cached appg tables
get_financial_tableGet financial table
get_officer_tableGet officer table
get_title_tableGet title table
helloHello, World!
pause_number_errorReport an error with pause
process_appg_agmProcess agm table
process_appg_benefitsProcess benefits table
process_appg_financialProcess financial table
process_appg_groupsProcess groups table
process_appg_officerProcess members table
save_cached_tablesSave cached tables to working directory
save_cache_errorReport error with save
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