Man pages for desmarais-lab/NetworkInference
Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks

as_cascade_longTransform long data to cascade
as_cascade_wideTransform wide data to cascade a cascade object to a data frame
as.matrix.cascadeConvert a cascade object to a matrix
cascadesExample cascades
count_possible_edgesCount the number of possible edges in the dataset
drop_nodesDrop nodes from a cascade object
is.cascadeIs the object of class cascade?
is.diffnetIs the object of class diffnet?
netinfInfer latent diffusion network
NetworkInferenceNetworkInference: Inferring latent diffusion networks
plot.cascadePlot a cascade object
plot.diffnetVisualize netinf output
policiesUS State Policy Adoption (SPID)
simulate_cascadesSimulate cascades from a diffusion network
simulate_rnd_cascadesSimulate a set of random cascades
sim_validationLarger simulated validation network.
subset_cascadeSelect a subset of cascades from cascade object
subset_cascade_timeSubset a cascade object in time
summary.cascadeSummarize a cascade object
validationValidation output from netinf source.
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