Man pages for dewittpe/qwraps
Quick Wraps

countCount and percentage of a factor level.
frmtformat numbers with a set number of digits, including...
frmtpFormat p-values
load_cacheload cache
paramsgeneric call for reporting the parameter estiamtes from...
params.coxphparameter estimates from a cox ph model fit
params_frmtrformating helper function, not intended to be called by end...
params.glmparameter estimtes from glms
params.lmparameter estiamtes from linear regression models
params.survfitparameter estimates from survfit
qacfAuto correlation plot in ggplot
qrocROC plots in ggplot
qsurvplotKM plots
qwraps-packageQuick Wraps
regression_resultsFunction for generating a nice, human readable, summary table...
simpleCapSimple Capitalization
tableoneTableone summarizes a selection of the data set as would be...
trimWhiteTrim White Space from strings
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