Man pages for dewittpe/qwraps2
Quick Wraps 2

confusion_matrixConfusion Matrices (Contingency Tables)
create_pkgCreate Package
extractExtract Summary stats from regression objects
frmtFormat Wrappers
ggplot2_toolsggplot2 tools
lazyload_cacheLazyload Cache
llList Object Aliases
logitlogit and inverse logit functions
mean_ciMeans and Confidence Intervals
mean_sdMean and Standard deviation
median_iqrMedian and Inner Quartile Range
n_percCount and Percentage
qableQable: an extended verion of knitr::kable
qacfAutocorrelation plot
qblandaltmanBland Altman Plots
qkmplotKaplan-Meier Plot
qrocReceiver Operator Curves
qwraps2A collection of wrapper functions aimed at for aiding the...
summary_tableData Summary Tables
tab_summaryTabular Summaries
trapruleTrapezoid Rule Numeric Integration
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