Man pages for dgabbe/btpress
Bike Tire Pressure Optimizer

base_pressure_plotBase pressure chart
bike_tire_pressuresCompute front and rear tire pressures based on data for bike...
check_pressureCheck if pressure exceeds certain levels
droop_pressure_psiCompute the 15% droop tire pressure based on wheel load and...
dual_pressureY axis label formatting function
dual_pressure_pointData point formatting function
dual_weightX axis label formatting function
generate_base_pressure_plotGenerate the base plot of inflation curves for all tire sizes
generate_inflation_dataGenerate the dataset for drawing the inflation curves
lb_to_kgConvert pounds to kilograms
plot_2_bike_inflationPlot and label front and rear wheel inflation data for...
plot_bike_inflationPlot and label front and rear wheel inflation data for a bike...
plot_titleDisplay a generic title and optionally add bike summary info
psi_to_barConvert PSI to Bar
theme_dg_paleModifications to 'theme_bw' to add a bit of color
tire_sizes_mmNominal tire sizes
wheel_loads_lbsX axis values for wheel loads in lbs
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