Man pages for dgkf/ggpackets
Package multiple ggplot layers for easier portability and modularization

add_eqv_aesAdd equivalent aesthetics to vector
allowed_aestheticsGet Geom allowed aesthetics
allowed_paramsGet allowed paramters for ggplot objects
append_calldfAppend dataframe to another after row index
as.expression.functionCoersion from function to expression
bind_callBind a call to a calldf
build_protoBuild a minimal ggproto object from desired arguments
call_df-as.listCaste call_df to list of arguments, optionally filtering...
call_df-classA class to contain arguments for lazy evaluation of calls in...
call_df-equivalencecall_df equivalence
call_df-indexingIndexing into argument tibble rows by vector
call_df-showShow call_df contents
dequoremove quoting of quoted item, returning only character name
dequosremove quoting of quoted list items, returning only character... equivalent for calldf objects
document_ggpkGenerate roxygen ellipses param documentation from function...
drop_envsused to help with unit testing
exclude_calldf_argsRemove calldf arguments by name
filter_aestheticsFilter aesthetics for Geom
filter_argsFilter arguments for given Geom and Stat objects
find_callsFind calls to specified function name
flatten_aesthetics_to_groupFlatten aesthetics into group
flatten_aes_to_mappingMove items in args to 'mapping' key if found in aes_list
ggpackHandling of argument passing to ggplots
ggpacked_layer-additionSum of two ggpacked layers to return ggpacket object
ggpacked_layer-classA class for storing ggpack call contents for lazy evaluation
ggpacked_layer-equivalenceggpacket_layer equivalence
ggpacked_layer-indexingIndex into layer arguments with vector
ggpacket-additionPrimitive methods for adding ggpackets to various ggplot...
ggpacket-classA class for wrapping ggplot layers.
ggpacket-equivalenceggpacket equivalence
ggpacket-indexingOverload [ generic to index into ggcalls list
ggpk_decoratorsWrapper for common decorators to package
ggpk_tySay thanks!
if-not-null-elseif not NULL else
invalid_uneval_aes_matchIndices of unevaluated aesthetics not in aes_list
is_unevalDetermine if an argument is an unevaluated expression
last_argsFilter argument list for only unnamed items and the last...
length-call_dfOverload length method to retrieve number of arguments from...
list_diffAttempt to identify which values were added in the transition...
match_calldfMatch arguments in the calldf against the formals of the call...
names-call_dfOverload names method to print calldf argument names
names-ggpacketOverload names method to print ggpacket ggcall list names
remove_aestheticsRemove specific aesthetics from mapping
remove_by_prefixFilter arguments based on a prefix id
replace_reserved_aesthetic_referencesFilter reserved aesthetics of the form ..<aes>.. from values
safecrayonSafe use of package:crayon exports with fallback to...
safedequosCapture all ellipses arguments using rlang::quos() with...
safencharSafe use of crayon's col_nchar() with base nchar() fallback
safesubstrSafe use of crayon's col_substr() with base substring()...
show-ggpacked_layerOverload show method to show ggpacket
show-ggpacketOverload show method to show ggpacket
split_aes_from_dotsFilter arguments into aesthetic and non-aesthetic
str_format_listFormat a list of items as it would be in a sentence
substitute_calldf_argsSubstitute calldf named arguments with new argument tibble
to_ggplotRename non-ggplot2 standard aesthetics to ggplot2 standard
tsnamesType-safe 'names()' call, always returning a character vector...
uneval_aesIndices of any unevaluated aesthetics with with or without...
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