Man pages for dgkf/scriptgloss
Functionality for creating static scripts from shiny apps

append_codeAdd code to code block
append_declarationAppend declarations to code block
append_output_callsAdd calls to output list functions
as_shownCapture and return show generic output
callStaticModuleCall a static representation of a shiny module
check_shinyVerify that shiny can be used in current scope
clipboardjsDependenciesClipboardJS source tags
clipCodeButtonAdd button to copy text to clipboard
extract_output_namesPull names of all top-level output items
flatten_function_bodiesFlatten multiple function bodies into parent scope
flatten_function_bodyFlatten a single output's function body
generate_static_codeGenerate R code from shiny server code
get_codeRetrieve independent R code as text
getInitializationCodeCode generation generic for arbitrary datatypes
getInitializationCode.defaultCode generation generic default behavior
get_outputRetrieve an output from a shiny module
is_shiny_output_assignmentTest if a given expression is an assignment call to the shiny...
knitr_expand_content_listScrape whisker tags that will be pulled from knitr_expand
parse_shiny_filesParse files for code that is executed before shiny runtime
pre_codeCreate a <pre><code>...</code></pre> block
prismDependenciesPrismJS source tags
prismjs_languagesPrismJS available language catalog
prismjs_themesPrismJS available themes catalog
propegate_valuesPartially evaluate a code block with given variable values
purge_shiny_codeRemove shiny-specific code from callstack
reduce_nested_syntaxUnnest code blocks unnecessarily wrapped in curly brackets
replace_output_w_tmpReplace top level output$name variable assignments with...
replace_tmp_w_outputReplace top level output__name__ variable assignments with...
replace_top_level_assignmentsReplace top level assignments
report_downloaderHandler for expansion of knitr whisker tags and report...
report_download_handlerExport report as template
report_from_templateFill in a template document with current code
scriptglossJSHTML <script> calls for javascript dependencies
shake_shiny_outputsShake syntax tree for shiny output-relevant code
shiny_output_namesGrab names of all outputs generated in a list of code
shiny_server_header_varsGrab formals from function environment
shinytest_pathHelper to debug shinytests so they work interactively as well...
show_as_verbatim_textMimic shiny::verbatimTextOutput print style
showCodeButtonHelper for adding code-specific action button
show_code_modalDisplay independent code in modal dialog
submoduleA function for acccessing a shiny submodule
top_level_call_listConvert a code block to a list of language calls
trim_shinyAppTrim code after shinyApp() call
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