Man pages for dgolicher/giscourse
Some code snippets wrapped up as functions

add_shpAdd shape files to data base
connectQuick connect
disconnectQuick type disconnect
dqueryDistance query Finds all geometries for a query lying within...
emapQuick edit
extrasQuick add leaflet extras
getwclimGetting World Clim data
hansen_wmsAdd Hansen's deforestation maps to tropical areas in WMS...
insolDirect beam insolation for day of the year
landcoverGets the landcover for a site
make_dbSuper user: Make a new data base
merge_rastersLoad all rasters to a table.
mkdemGet's DEM around point
mkpntMake a point
mksiteMake a site frame
os5kmOS 5km grid square
osmFind osm roads and paths around a site
phab_chooseChoose a type of priority habitat
qmapQuick map.
sconnectMake super user connection
sssiFind sites of special scientific interest
uk_wmsAdd priority habitat and SSSi WMS
wldiagWalter and Leith diagram
xyqueryQuery within a distance from X and Y
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