Man pages for diazrenata/revisitbecs
What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

boostrap_crosscomm_bsedsGet DOI for bootstrap sampled community masses from two...
boostrap_unif_bsed_doiDOI of sampled community masses from uniform compared to...
doiCompute distribution overlap index for BSEDs
DownloadPaperDataDownload raw paper data
draw_single_massDraw a mass for an individual
energetic_dominanceCalculate energetic dominance
find_modesFind energy modes from BSED
make_bsdConstruct BSD from df with community data
make_bsedConstruct BSED from df with size classes
make_community_tableAdd energy & size class to raw community df
pipePipe operator
ProcessAllProcess raw data in to the appropriate format.
ProcessAndrewsProcess Andrews data in to the appropriate format.
ProcessNiwotProcess Niwot data into the appropriate format.
ProcessPortalProcess Portal data in to the appropriate format.
ProcessSevProcess Sevilleta data in to the appropriate format.
simulate_communitySimulate an entire community
simulate_ind_massSimulate masses for individuals
simulate_ind_speciesSimulate species identities for individuals
simulate_species_massSimulate species' masses
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