Man pages for dickoa/rhdx
A Client for the Humanitarian Data Exchange platform API

browseBrowse a HDX object
ConfigurationHDX Configuration
count_datasetsCount all datasets on HDX
create_rhdx_configCreate an HDX configuration object
DatasetHDX Dataset
delete_resourceDelete resource from dataset
delete_resourcesDelete all resource from dataset
delete_rhdx_configDelete rhdx config
download_resourceDownload an HDX resource
get_dataset_dateGet the Dataset date
get_locations_namesDataset locations name
get_organization_nameDataset organization name
get_resourceAdd resource to dataset
get_resource_datasetGet the dataset containing the resource
get_resource_formatGet the file format of the resource
get_resource_layersList layers available in spatial resources on HDX
get_resourcesAdd resource to dataset
get_resources_formatsDataset resources format
get_resource_sheetsGet the names of the sheets of XLS(X) resources
get_tags_nameDataset tags name
hdx_general_statisticsGet general stats about HDX
list_datasetsList datasets
list_locationsList locations
list_organizationsList HDX organization
list_tagsList all tags
list_usersList all users
LocationHDX Location
OrganizationHDX Organization
pull_datasetPull HDX dataset into R
pull_locationRead an HDX location
pull_organizationRead an HDX organization
pull_resourceRead an HDX resource
pull_showcaseRead Showcase
pull_tagRead an HDX tag
pull_userRead an HDX user
read_resourceRead resource
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
refine_searchFilter a list of HDX datasets
ResourceHDX Resource
rhdx_cacheCaching HDX downloaded files
search_datasetsSearch for datasets on HDX
search_resourcesSearch resources
set_rhdx_configSet rhdx config
ShowcaseHDX Showcase
TagHDX Tag
UserHDX User
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