Man pages for diegogarcilazo/biotools
Tools for Biostatistic datasets developed by DEIS.

age_codeagerecode age group from two variables age and code_age.
age_factorDays to group age.
birth_weightFunction that classifies birth weight.
cie_checkFunction to check CIE code by range of age, Suspected...
cie_summary.cie_checkCreate summary report on console
cie_tbl_all.cie_checkcreate table with errors and warnings.
cie_tbl_enos.cie_checkcreate table with Notifiable infectous diseases.
cie_tbl_errors.cie_checkcreate table with errors
cie_tbl_warnings.cie_checkcreate table with warnings
code_enosFrom cie10 to Enos. At the moment infectous diseases.
code_reduThis is a helper function. This function builds the code_redu...
code_uselessFunction that create variable with Type of useless code from...
col_lengthReturn a message if all columns are or not are present by...
rec_age2dayThis is a helper function that transform age and age code to...
reductiblejoin with the tbl_critred2. with the tbl_critred2.
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