Man pages for diegogarcilazo/myutilities
Paquete con utilidades variadas.

age_catfunction to categorize ages From...
cb_copyCopy data.frames, tables, xtabs, ftables, tbl_df to clipboard...
cb_copyunixCopy an object in the clipboard
cb_pasteRead excel table from clipboard.
classintCreate vector with Interval Class from classIntervals...
compare_cFunction for compare vectors with a easy view. Shows elements...
DateToIntCalculate interval unit from dates.
epidates_date2weekReturn epi - week from date. Weeks start on sunday.
epidates_yw2monthReturn month from year and week
format_spSpanish format print for labels and plus flag.
legend_revReverse legend order on ggplot.
outersectoutersect: The opposite of R's intersect function. Author:...
pct_seStandard Error from percentege.
rm_accRemove accents.
scale_brewer_palCreate palette Color Brewer from factor levels.
str_betweenDo values in a string vector fall in specified range?... percent change For use with do function from dplyr. df...
vap.numericAnnual percent change
zerofillFill with left zeros
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