Man pages for diegogarcilazo/pgr
Set of wrapper functions to work with PostgreSQL.

pg_conConnection to postgresql via RPostgreSQL. The password is...
PgConR6 Class PyCon postgresql connection.
pg_disconnect_allDisconnect all connections available
pg_exportExport query to CSV with delimiter tabular and header.
pg_importdbfRead tabular data in dbf file and write it in PostgreSQL.
pg_importxlRead tabular data in excel file (xls or xlsx) and write it in...
pg_nomcolscolumn name and data type from tbl.
pg_readtblsConnect to several tables from schema of db using dplyr
pg_saveSave data.frame into Postgresql
pg_schemasShow schemas information from database
pg_showShow information about, schema and table depend on arguments...
pg_sqlSend query and return data.frame.
pg_tablesTable information from schema
pg_tblSummarise information about a tbl
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