Man pages for diegovalle/mxmaps
Create Maps of Mexico

choropleth_inegiStatic maps with INEGI data
df_mxmunicipioMexican municipio dataset
df_mxstateMexican states dataset
hexbin_inegiHexbin map made with INEGI data
mxhexbin_choroplethCreate a state-level hexbin choropleth
MXHexBinChoroplethAn R6 object for creating state-level hexbin choropleths.
mxhexbin.mapHexbin map of Mexican states
mxmaps'mxmaps' package
mxmunicipio_choroplethCreate a municipio-level choropleth
MXMunicipioChoroplethAn R6 object for creating municipio-level choropleths.
mxmunicipio_leafletCreate a municipio-level interactive map
mxmunicipio.mapMap of the all Mexican municipios and alcaldías
mxmunicipio.topoJSONTopoJSON of Mexican municipios and alcaldías
mxstate_choroplethCreate a state-level choropleth
MXStateChoroplethAn R6 object for creating state-level choropleths.
mxstate_leafletCreate a state-level interactive map
mxstate.mapMap of Mexican States
mxstate.topoJSONTopoJSON of Mexican states
str_mxmunicipioFormat municipio codes with leading zeroes
str_mxstateFormat state codes with leading zeroes
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